2020 China Gum Rosin Conference postponed to April, 2021

Dear friends,
     As coronavirus pandemic is serious all over the world, firstly hope you and your family are fine and everything is good during this tough period. 
    Secondly, we have to decide to postpone 2020 China Gum Rosin Int'l Conference to next year, and the time is tentatively to be April 18-20, 2021, same hotel in Hainan province, China.   Sorry for the inconvenience.  Registration for the conference can be open by end of 2020 after I send you email on it.
    We also plan to hold China gum rosin industry conference domestically some time during 2020 when it is all safe in China to have a meeting, maybe after September.  Of course, it can not be confirmed now and we have to wait and see. If you are easy to come to China at that time, we are also happy to invite you to join.
    Let's pray the pandemic finishes quickly and all things return to normal soon.    
    Thank you for your understanding and support!
Li Yi
Secretary General of China Forest Chemical Association