Half-day Tour


2020 China Gum Rosin Conference

Half-day Tour


April 20, 2020  Tuesday

1400  Depart from Hotel

1430  Visit Feng Xiaogang Movie Town

1530  Take bus to next stop

1600  Visit Haikou National Volcano Geopark

1730  Take bus to next stop

1800  Free time on beach

1900  Supper by seaside

2030  Back to Hotel

2100  Arrive at Hotel


Feng Xiaogang Movie Town



Feng Xiaogang Movie Town is a movie topic sightseeing spot with Chinese local characteristics made by Mission Hills, H.Brothers Movie Company and famous movie director Mr. Feng Xiaogang.  The town consists of 7 areas of 1942 Street, South East Asia Street, Old Beijing Street, Church area, Gardens, Avenue of Stars and Film Studios,  showing the style and feature of local constructions of different cities in China within recent 100 years. Many famous films were constructed in this town.


Haikou National Volcano Geopark



Haikou National Volcano Geopark locates in Shishan Town, southwest of Haikou city, only 15km away from downtown. It is a graben-rift volcano remains, also one of the few dormant volcanos in China, with a history of about 10,000 years.  It has great value in science examination, popularization of science and tourism.  It is a AAAA park, a world geopark, a national geopark.  Now you can see 36 remains of awl-shaped volcano vent, within which Maanshan Vent is 222.8m high, the highest mountain in North Hainan.