Half-day Tour



May 20, Monday 


13:00  Depart from Hotel


13:30  Visit Jingyuan Garden


15:30  Visit Five Great Avenues and Museum


17:30  Leave for Supper


18:00  Supper


19:30  Boat Tour on Haihe River of Night View


20:30  Back to Hotel


21:00  Arrive at Hotel



Located in Anshan Road, Heping District, Tianjin, Jingyuan Garden is an elegant Western-style residence and is the former residence of the last Emperor Puyi. This can help you understand Puyi’s life and see the office and residence of his time. Jingyuan Garden is divided into two main courtyards, the main courtyard and the West Crossing Courtyard. The main building, Aisin Gioro Yuyi Exhibition Hall, Jingyuan Restoration Exhibition Hall and the Visitor Center are located in the courtyard.





The Five Great Avenues is a must-see for the many visitors that come to Tianjin. Located in the Heping District of Tianjin, the Five Great Avenues is named after the five main roads in the area. There are actually more than 20 streets in the area. It used to be a British Settlement zone. During the Republic of China era, many officials and celebrities in the Qing Dynasty and the Beiyang government had lived here. The rows of beautiful, elegant Western-style houses seem to tell the glorious past stories of Tianjin.





Haihe River is the mother river of Tianjin. The banks of Haihe River are the bustling streets of Tianjin. There are many beautiful Western-style and Chinese-style historical buildings. It is pretty romantic to stroll along the river or to appreciate the scenery by boat. The highlight of Haihe River concentrates between the Tianjin Eye on the north side and the Daguangming Bridge (near Xiaobailou) on the south side. It may take a whole day to walk around and play.

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